Client Testimonials


Catherine: “I have been on various diets for the last 10 years and just continued to put weight on. After 1 session with Mike, I changed my relationship to food and started to become a much healthier person. I have had three more sessions with Mike and I am steadily getting rid of the excess weight I have built up over the years. I feel that I have my life back again. Thank you for all of your help."


Susan: "I am a proficient and very committed amateur musician, and playing music in an ensemble is a huge part of my life.  Over the past few years, I had been getting more and more nervous about playing in public, to the extent that I was considering giving up playing all together.  I contacted Mike when I was feeling particularly dejected and, from our first meeting, I felt reassured that my nerves could be overcome.  Mike’s professional and positive manner immediately put me at ease.  He quickly began to understand my particular issues and I left the session feeling that I was able to be more in control during a performance.  I have subsequently played in many concerts and the techniques he taught me have helped me to have a whole new enthusiasm and confidence in my ability to perform under pressure.  Thanks to him, I can now enjoy playing again".


Jitka: "We undertook a therapy session together just over two weeks ago and I must say, it has been fantastic.

My husband and I are following your coaching of the way of thinking and it is working. We are very happy with the results. Thank you very much for your help. We would definitely recommend your services to anybody". 


Susan:  "I had a very bad spider phobia for over 30+ years. I had hypnotherapy from Mike and my life has changed dramatically. I am calm and not looking for them in every room I walk into. I can be in the room with one and not scream and run but most importantly for me I can now visit my daughter in Australia".


Catherine:  "I would like to say a big thank you to Mike. He has changed my life. A month ago I could not venture into a lift I have suffered from Claustrophobia since I was 9 years old. I am now 55 and after having a couple of sessions with Mike I can now go in lifts. He is amazing. Cant thank him enough".


Charlotte: "I originally asked for Mike’s help to overcome a six year long battle with bulimia in October. Within three sessions Mike had erased the issue completely through a blend of hypnotherapy and NLP techniques. This was completely beyond my expectations.

"It is a pleasure to recommend Mike as an NLP coach and trainer. I now attend coaching sessions with Mike on a consistent basis to aid my personal and professional development. Working with Mike has proven to be incredibly beneficial and has helped me in all areas of my life academically, professionally and physically. I am now beginning to excel in areas that I never thought possible. My academic grades have improved by 17{cf4418dc1de2af04f7af3f6c81a828d0cb98c99f813380071a0bfeb050a5a398}, I have just secured a wonderful new job and I am, after improving my physical strength and endurance, now set to run my first half marathon this year.

What I appreciate most about Mike is his ability to cut straight to the point at hand, to address and resolve any issues quickly and efficiently. His personal and adaptable approach is what will drive me to continue working with Mike long into the future and I am confident in the knowledge that our continued work will lead to many more future successes."


Robert (Father): After just one session Charlie's (Son) enuresis (bed wetting) was vastly improved. He had been under the hospital for almost 7 years and no improvement. After the first day after Mike’s session, we noticed a change in his attitude to his bed wetting. He woke up much happier and feeling better about himself. That alone was worth it!

However after about a week, he became dry. And with very rare exceptions has remained so!

He has thrown away one complete set of tablets, which in itself must be more beneficial to his health.

Thank you very much Mike and Keep up the good work,

All the best.”



Diane: "A few months ago I was suffering with very bad panic attacks and feelings of fear. I had treatment by Mike Bell which took the problems away and continues to help me now. I found him very committed and assuring”


Lauren: "I visited Mike for help in stopping smoking and found the whole process to be fantastic! Mike is very professional, friendly and puts you at ease straight away. I have not smoked since and have Mike to thank for this. I have already recommended his sessions to a few friends and family! "


John: “Hi, my name is John Bayley. I’ve been a smoker for 63 years smoking 50 to 60 cigarettes a day. After 2 sessions of therapy with Mike Bell I’ve never touched a cigarette and am proud to say I’m a non smoker. Thankyou”