Stop Smoking / Smoking Cessation

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According to UK statistics, approximately 10 million people in the UK smoke cigarettes.

Smoking costs the NHS approximately £2 Billion per year in treating diseases which have been caused by smoking. It is an expensive habit which can have a serious impact on health.

Approximately 80{cf4418dc1de2af04f7af3f6c81a828d0cb98c99f813380071a0bfeb050a5a398} of deaths concerning lung cancer are caused by smoking, 80{cf4418dc1de2af04f7af3f6c81a828d0cb98c99f813380071a0bfeb050a5a398} of deaths from Bronchitis and Emphysema are caused by smoking, and more than a quarter of cancer deaths are related to smoking.

In a nutshell, smoking cigarettes kills people.

NLP, Coaching and Hypnotherapy is a most effective way of helping people Stop Smoking

I regularly treat clients who have habits and addictions including smoking, alcohol, gambling, nail biting, food cravings, and many others.

With most issues such as weight loss, smoking, alcohol and OCD, I generally find that what the individual is locked into is a ‘habitual way of thinking’, which in turn affects their daily life.  This often results in the repeating of an ‘automatic behaviour’. To many clients they have become so conditioned that to a certain point, in their mind, choice to change from this doesn’t exist.

However, under certain conditions the brain is very plastic and malleable, thus making re-wiring and changed behaviours totally possible. When I work with clients, I develop their ability to develop change in a stepped way. 

I always take an individual approach with each client and success rates have been significant at 90{cf4418dc1de2af04f7af3f6c81a828d0cb98c99f813380071a0bfeb050a5a398}.

One client who was in his 70’s and had been smoking for all his adult life – 63 years.  Prior to seeing me he was smoking 500 cigarettes a week. After two sessions of therapy he hasn’t touched another cigarette!  This shows how effective my work can be, and how radicle change can happen.

What makes me highly successful in helping people quit smoking is 1. My treatment and intervention strategies are unique to the individual and 2. I use a unique blend of different psychological approaches, including NLP, Coaching, Hypnosis, Neuroscience and Energy Psychology.