Self Confidence Therapy

Cambridge, Newmarket, Bury St Edmunds

Lacking self confidence can have huge impact on all aspects of an individuals life.

This can include relationships, career, social life and general state of mindIt is very helpful to know that self confidence is a skill that can usually be developed.

If an individual has low self confidence they may feel shy in certain situations and unsure of themselves.

It is recognised that the early years of life and genetics are thought to influence the level of confidence we all have. Therapy and life coaching is often invaluable for an individual to develop their self confidence.

The replacement of negative thought patterns with positive ones can have an massive impact on self confidence and can literally be life changing.

I have worked with many clients whose low self confidence was impacting significantly on their lives, but achieved high success in identifying root causes and rectification.

I have worked with clients who simply had negative thoughts about themselves and enabled them to become comfortable and confident in the life situations which concerned them.

I have successfully treated blushing, stammering, inability to develop and maintain relationships, and fear of speaking in public