Life Coaching 

Cambridge, Newmarket, Bury St Edmunds

What is Life Coaching ?

‘Success’ and ‘happiness’ in all areas of life is well documented and researched. Social media relays this very explicitly to us daily. It can appear that others have found the secret of success and happiness, and this can leave us feeling unfulfilled, unsatisfied and unsettled.

If it is so apparently easy for others to become successful and happy, why can’t we feel the same? What is success and happiness anyway?

I think the answer to this is partly due to the fact that there are forces (involuntary processes and structures) within us, and externally to us, which are pulling us in different directions, and this can lead to confusion. The amount of information overload can also be inundating.  This can result in confusion, indecision, uncertainty, and inactivity causing stress, anxiety and a sense of emptiness and/or failure in a lot of people’s lives.

Getting independent guidance and support which can benchmark normal expectations and behaviours, and reinforce the sense of worth we should all be able to realise is the role of the Life Coach.

What Life Coaching Can Do For You.

Your brain is an organ, just like the heart, liver and kidneys. It is running constantly, ‘doing its own thing’ and you are hardly aware of it. What is so important in order to increase success in any area of your life is to actually take control of your brain, rather than your brain controlling you.  It may have done this for a long time.  By enabling control, looking at what is possible, and realising your potential, we can greatly increase your options and possibilities in life for creating the results you desire.

People come to me for life coaching for primarily these reasons:

  • They are experiencing an emotion or behaviour which they don’t like or which is dominating their lives.
  • They want to develop certain emotions and behaviours which they don’t currently have in order to achieve results in areas of their life.
  • They want to achieve goals/success in areas of their lives.

People come to me for life coaching from a wide range of backgrounds and occupations. From those in normal walks of life such as housewives, parents and office workers, to business professionals, athletes, and even TV personalities. This reinforces that individuals from all aspects of society feel the need for support and guidance at times.

How Can I Help You?

Originally qualified as an NLP Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and Master Hypnotherapist, for over 15 years I have been a catalyst in people’s lives in terms of overcoming problems, challenges and achieving results. 

As well as being a coach and therapist I have also been a fitness professional, an IT Professional, a Trainer, and Sports Therapist. 

The combination of my life experience as well as my coaching and therapeutic skills gives me great leverage in assisting you to achieve the results you truly desire.