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Hypnosis is a relaxed, natural, safe and alert state of mind/awareness whereby you are in total control and can focus on what’s really important to you.

Imagination is so much more powerful than what people realise. What you focus on is what your brain begins to organise itself around.

Neuroscience is now catching up with Hypnotherapy and providing proof that Hypnosis works and is highly effective in reorganising the brain and producing emotional and behavioural changes.

In order to describe what Hypnosis is, I will first describe what it isn’t…


Hypnosis IS NOT....

1. Sleep. There are 4 main brain wave categories – Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. Beta is the everyday awake state of mind, Theta is more the state you are in while dreaming and Delta is the deepest part of sleep. Alpha is halfway between awake and sleep, and is the state you are more likely to be in while in Hypnosis, and in this state your body is relaxed and your mind tends also to be relaxed and able to focus and communicate more clearly.

2. A state of unconsciousness. In a state of unconsciousness, i.e. in Delta brain wave state, there is no conscious control over your body and no conscious awareness of what is going on. This is exactly the opposite of the state of hypnosis in which you have a heightened state of awareness and control over of your total brain and to quiet down any internal noise and chatter. This then allows you to magnify your internal experience and to focus more clearly.

3. Being controlled by someone else. Hollywood and movies etc has depicted Hypnosis in a way which is largely untrue. Hypnosis is safe and easy to do, and allows you to be in much more control of your mind and body. Many people expect hypnosis to be a kind of magical unconscious state whereby they float out of their body and have no conscious control or recollection! Nothing could be further from the truth. Instead you are much more aware of your surroundings, can hear everything that is going on and have a more heightened state of awareness.

Therefore Hypnosis IS...

1. An awake state. In the old days it was thought that the therapist just talked to the client, the client of which said nothing and kept their eyes closed. Today, in modern times, for hypnosis to be highly effective it is necessary that the hypnotherapy session involves communication both ways between therapist and client. Because of this you have to be awake in order to have 2 way communication.

2. A state of relaxation. When your mind and body become more relaxed, this has the effect of reducing the internal noise and chatter in your head. When things start to slow down, and the level of relaxation can be light, this allows changes to become more effective at a deeper level.

3. A state of control. Hypnosis is about you making changes to your brain and body via your communication. A relaxed, alert state of mind whereby more of your mind is used, is in effect a mind with a high state of control and awareness.

Another word for the state of mind of hypnosis is ‘trance’. Now, for you to be alive on this planet today, you would have to have gone into and out of millions of ‘trance’ experiences. For example, driving a car is a trance experience because you are in a state of awareness where many of your behaviours and thinking patterns become automatic, and you don’t think about it you just do it. This is the same with other behaviours such as reading a book, going to the movies, carrying out automatically a technical skill. When your mind is relaxed and you are automatically easily and effortlessly carrying out a particular skill that is a hypnotic trance, which is a totally natural state.

I use many forms of therapeutic support to help my clients, and we discuss the plan and the most suitable to you when we discuss your requirements. Hypnotherapy may be one system we adopt.

Contact my Hypnotherapy Suffolk Clinic for any further advice.  You will always be dealing with me directly