Depression Therapy

Cambridge, Newmarket, Bury St Edmunds

NLP, Coaching and Hypnotherapy are highly effective tools in helping people change their way of thinking and behaving.

A good example was a client who had spent the main part of his life working internationally in a high profile job which he loved. He then took early retirement, and chose a different career which unfortunately left him feeling worthless, not valued, not fitting in, and unable to use the talents, skills and abilities which he had developed for many years previously.

I coached this client for 3 months. During this time I worked with him in examining existing abilities, and developing new ones. When issues of a deeper nature arose the session would develop into a more therapeutic and sometimes hypnotherapy session, however most of the time the sessions were of a more in-time dynamic coaching form whereby I used an integration of NLP and Neuroscience to help Peter develop the mental skills necessary to more towards where he wanted to be.

I saw significant change in Peter and his whole attitude to life.  He had gained confidence in himself again.

It was a great satisfaction to me (and him!) when he told me with excitement that he had managed to get a new job of an international nature, which would utilise his capabilities well. He told me he could think much clearer and faster, and he was now excited about life, and looking forward to happy times, both with his wife and his new career. He had come a long way in the short time I had spent with him.

This example is typical of where I combine therapy and coaching successfully to enhance and enable the changes my clients