Weight Loss Cumbria

By targeting the unconscious mind with powerful suggestion techniques, I will help you develop a positive relationship with food and exercise. The aim of therapy for weight loss is to help you feel more confident about your appearance, and work on changing any negative thoughts about eating.  

How can I help you ?

I help many clients who want to lose weight, and others who struggle with their relationship with food which can result in conditions like bulimia and anorexia. The majority of my clients who want help in this aspect of life feel that they are over-weight, and have tried and failed at traditional dieting.

The facts are clear that the average person is gaining weight over time, and there is a serious problem in the UK of health issues related to over-weight individuals. More and more children are becoming obese before they even go to school. Junk food, fad diets and inactivity all combine to reduce energy, gain weight and spiral people into mental health issues.

NLP, Coaching and Hypnotherapy are highly effective tools in helping people take responsibility and control of their lives. By removing reasons and excuses for not losing weight, letting go of judgments and self-criticism, and taking mental, emotional and physical control, clients become empowered, changing their perceptions and mind-set on the inside, and thereby creating results on the outside.

 I have assisted many clients with losing weight. Each client is different, their motivations differ and their relationship with food varies.

Here are some of the changes you can experience:

  •  No more diets, because diets don’t work: diets imply deprivation.
  •  Develop new and healthy habits.
  •  Easy, effortless programming of good eating habits.
  •  No more cravings, snacking or binging.
  •  Increased energy, enabling you to live more fully.
  •  Increased control, confidence, motivation and determination.
  •  Emotional control.
  •  Better decision making.
  •  Reduce stress.
  •  Appetite control and removal of overeating.
  •  Understand the science of changing your mind

How long will it take? For weight loss (which can’t happen overnight), I usually recommend a minimum of 3-4 sessions over the same number of weeks.  Or, we can work more intensively in the initial weeks.  In the first two weeks it is helpful for us to meet twice a week.

The following is a case study of 1 particular client who came to me for help in losing weight...

Len came to see me out of desperation. Over the past 10 years he had been putting on weight. Very few shops were selling clothes large enough for him and he became more and more depressed, more introverted and eventually leading to almost no social life at all.

When I first met Len he was troubled and introverted because of his weight problem. Also, because of a heart condition, this meant that he couldn’t exercise. The main issue with food were the large portions he ate, together with very little awareness of knowing when he had enough. Stress also became a big factor which then escalated his food intake. Lens main goal, apart from losing weight, was to fit into his marvellous collection of trousers and suits which hung up in his wardrobe.

I trained Len in self-hypnosis, which he carried out before every meal he had. The purpose of the self-hypnosis was to relax his mind and body prior to a meal, therefore reducing stress. This allowed Len to eat slower with awareness and to actually enjoy the taste of food.

In Lens 2nd session he reported that the pre-meal self-hypnosis was working great. He was enjoying the taste of food and found that he didn’t want to eat as much. Len found it difficult to know when to stop eating. On a scale of 0-10, where 0 is starving hungry and 10 totally full, it was important that Len stop eating at a 6 or 7. Using NLP and Hypnosis, I enabled him to in his ability in being sensitised to the feelings of his stomach, so that he would know by the feelings in his stomach, when he was at a 6 or 7.   

In Lens 3rd session he reported that he had changed his eating plates for a smaller size, and that he was losing weight daily.

Within 4 sessions, Len had lost one and a half stone, is feeling better about himself, and starting to live a happier life once again.

After two months, Len had successfully lost two and a half stone, and his life had changed radically. Not only was he physically changed- he was mentally a different man with a healthy and positive approach to his life.

I continue to see this client on an adhoc basis to address any issues he has, and to continue to be a supportive function for him.

Weight loss is primarily about developing new habits and new ways of behaving. There can be many reasons why people gain weight. With NLP, Coaching and Hypnosis I assist people in altering their perceptions and beliefs regarding themselves and food, to the extent that they can begin developing new and healthier habits. Backed up by my years working as a trainer and exercise coach I have the knowledge about exercise, lifestyle and nutrition which can contribute to a healthier mind and body.